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Hello once again, Mr. Scrubs! First of all, I thank you once again for your quick reply on how to solve the problem that occurred last night to me. Today, I have three questions.
I was just testing the effects of rendering on some of my LDD models. After all, I am quite inexperienced with rendering LEGO models, even though I've done it once before. After doing a few tests today, I got the "10 Free Renders Trial Over" notification. At first, I was like, "OH NO!" But then, I realize, "Oh...phew! It was only for the day, not for life." Now here's my first question: Do I have to wait twenty-four hours in order to get my 10-daily-renders back, or can I use them as soon as tomorrow comes?
I've just begun to know this site, and I really like it! There's a variety of cool LEGO models here, I can make my LDD models look much better, and much more. But, what strikes my curiosity is the name, which brings up my second question: Why is this site called "Mecabricks?" It sounds like the name for a cool LEGO robot or monster or something! I like it!
Forgive me for the long, drawn-out comment. Have a wonderful day, Mr. Scrubs, and take care! Regards, Joseph cheeseinthepie. 11/7/2019
7 Nov 2019, 22:07
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You can currently make 10 free renders over a rolling period of 24 hours. As soon as the first render has been made more than 24 hours ago, a new slot is unlocked. It has been discussed before but remember that free renders are actually only free for you, not for me. I designed, bought and built the hardware and I am paying for the power and to maintain the system. See the post from @Sealund at the end of this thread.

Mecabricks comes from Mechanics and Bricks. However I didn't like the "H" in Mechabricks and as in french (my mother tongue) it is spelt "mécanique", I decided that Mecabricks was the one.
7 Nov 2019, 22:41
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Thank you, Mr. Scrubs, not only for answering my questions, but for also paying for the renders. I had no idea that they still costed money, to me or you, because they were free. My first thought was, "The program is payed for, and the renders are free. It's simple!" I certainly underestimate that, and I do apologize for that.

Your little story about the Mecabricks name is really cool! It reminds me of a YouTuber, Ceave Gaming, who lives in Austria. His name, translated from his language, is "Steve," and so, he wanted to find an over-fancified way of saying it.

I just have two more questions. Forgive me for the constant questions! First, if I use less than ten free renders for my free trial in one day, do I still have to wait for twenty four hours? Secondly, if I end up not downloading a render and exit out of it, can it still be accessed later on? Once again, have a wonderful day and take care! Regards, Joseph. 11/7/2019
7 Nov 2019, 23:26
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No problem for your questions. I am sure that other new users will be interested in the answers.

No, as long as you didn't do 10 renders in the last 24 hours, you can click the render button. The code basically checks how many renders you made in the last 24 hours and if it is less than 10 then it is ok.

Rendering doesn't happen on your computer. The data is sent to New Zealand on my servers to be rendered. Therefore, you can close Mecabricks as soon as the data has been uploaded and come back later to check the result. Your projects are located in the "Projects" tab. However, for free renders, they are only kept available on my servers for a period of 3 days. After that they will be deleted. Renders that you would pay for are kept indefinitely.

Here is a photo of my render system

8 Nov 2019, 00:07
Edited 8 Nov 2019, 00:08
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All I have to say this time is thank you! It's really amazing how Mecabricks works. The work is so complex, yet it works sufficiently and swiftly. Also, thank you for the image of your render system. Gosh! I thought it was just a program built into a computer. Nope! It's something completely different. With every comment I make to you, I am appreciating what you've done even more. Thank you for making this technology easily availible and safe to use for LEGO enthusiasts like us! Have a wonderful day, sir, and take care. smiling face with open mouth
8 Nov 2019, 01:16
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You are welcome. Have fun on Mecabricks winking face
8 Nov 2019, 04:00
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Hello again, Mr. Scrubs! Long time, no talk to. smiling face with open mouth I actually meant to ask you this question sooner, but whenever I'm asking a boatload full of questions, I tend to forget the ones I really want to ask. When I first started using Mecabricks, I was impressed with the selection of bricks that were there to build 3D models. Even stickered pieces were present, and I could implement many more aesthetic elements in my LEGO models! However, I have noticed that a couple elements are not present. So far, I've only noticed that the 90201 Cowcatcher and the 4509 Roof Tile (6x6) are not in the inventory. Politely, I ask why this is. Perhaps the pieces were built into the Mecabricks program, but the files that contain the 3D models for them got corrupted. (As you can probably tell, I am merely semi-experienced with programing and technology.) Do forgive me for my constant question-asking! Have a wonderful day, sir, and take care. Regards, Joseph cheeseinthepie. 11/8/2019
8 Nov 2019, 21:26
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Hi joe, I think I can answer this question. The majority of pieces on mecabricks has been modeled by scrubs himself, and seeing that there are many pieces in the world of LEGO, scrubs cannot make all of the pieces at one time. They are also time consuming to make, and extremely complicated to model. There is also a section in the forum that is specifically for reporting missing pieces. Hope this helped you, enjoy mecabricks!
8 Nov 2019, 22:01
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