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I just read my new messages (nope, not that much face with stuck-out tongue) and wanted to scroll up with the (^) button on the upper right corner of the messages tab to read some older messages. I was quite irritated when reading the same and the same messages over and over again when scrolling up, realising that the site somehow messes up when having pressed the (^) button several times.
I´m not able to reproduce the bug at each try (so it´s kind of random), but had it several times now, so I just wanted to report that.
4 May 2017, 13:52
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Is it because you clicked multiple times on the button before the content is actually loaded?
4 May 2017, 20:20
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Apparently not, the older messages are loading instantly. So the conversations tab doesn´t load the same conversation over and over. I guess it was just a bug, I´m not able to reproduce it.
5 May 2017, 16:32
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I have experienced this many times myself.
7 Jul 2017, 12:30
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Update January 2018

I've been able to reproduce it again; look at the image linked below:


I obviously blurred the messages, for they're private, but you can have a glance of the dates and emojis; they're repeating over and over again, every time I press the (^) button another row adds. I don't know why this happens, but I post my PC specs here, that might help fixing it. And, if only one person thinks this is fake, be assured that I don't see any reason to lie.

OS: Windows 7 64bit
Browser: Google Chrome, latest Updates installed (sadly)
Mecabricks language: English
RAM: 8GB (plenty)
CPU usage at that time: 3% (6 cores)
15 Jan 2018, 15:46
Edited 15 Jan 2018, 15:51
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