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The "snap" functionality is nice. Would you contemplate adding an "align to" capability. Something along the lines of;
1) select the first part. This is the "anchor" part.
2) CTRL-select "N" more parts. These are the parts which will move
3) Invoke "Align to". The options for align to are conceptually drawn from left side, right side, middle, top, bottom, centre and adjacent.

The parts selected in 2) then are aligned to the anchor according to which "align to" option is chosen. The purpose of the "adjacent" is to align one side of a part next to the other part e.g. the right face of one brick to be placed next to the left face of another brick.

I tried MecaBricks out for the first time yesterday. It is a stunning tool. Nice work.


28 May 2015, 09:41
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Interesting idea, I actually never thought at something like that. It would basically align the selected parts on a straight line colinear to the selected axis of the anchor point. Location of the parts would be the closest point between the current locations and this straight line.
It might be a bit harder for the "adjacent" mode, but I could use the geometry bounding box to know where is the side.

I keep that in mind and I'll try that when I will finish to redo the model display page.

Thank you
28 May 2015, 20:46
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