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Check the Advanced Add-on description page for more information.
6 Mar 2017, 08:55
Edited 24 Sep 2017, 05:03
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Great Job! Looks amazing so far. Not sure if that was a typo in the description but this seems to be the wrong way around?

bpy.context.scene.display_settings.display_device = 'sRGB / BT.709'
shall be replaced by
bpy.context.scene.display_settings.display_device = 'sRGB'
6 Mar 2017, 15:51
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I import the Collada file what it quite big and not visible in the viewport due to its size. Then I hit the replace button but the model has to be scaled down after that. And how do I generate the bevels? Because in the render there are none. I am using the latest build and not the offcial 1.78c installation.
6 Mar 2017, 16:23
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@dtriangle, I think it's correct. The advanced script is configured for use with filmic_blender, so you only need change the script, if you do NOT wish to use filmic_blender, but want to stick with the old sRGB color management instead.
6 Mar 2017, 17:05
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This looks amazing. I'm putting it on my wishlist... One question though, the description says that it doesn't require OSL and CPU, but does that mean it will still work on a CPU? I'm one of those people with an older AMD graphics card.
6 Mar 2017, 17:33
Edited 6 Mar 2017, 17:59
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@Masman Sure it will work still with CPU. The nice thing in this case is that you can mix both for an animation. You can open two Blender. One with CPU and one with GPU and there's some kind of option where Blender will skip existing/started frames. So you can use the maximum render power of one machine. But just with the real bevels and not with OSL shaders. We had done this for a job here. Worked like a charm and it was pixel-identical.
6 Mar 2017, 17:38
Edited 6 Mar 2017, 17:39
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@Renderbricks, I had observed the same problem, but I got it working by re-exporting my model from the Workshop. Here a test render:


And other than with the OSL bevel shader, we now have bevels on transparent parts. Great work worth the 10 bucks, Scrubs!
6 Mar 2017, 18:03
Edited 6 Mar 2017, 19:00
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Thank you!
6 Mar 2017, 18:08
Edited 6 Mar 2017, 18:09
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@Renderbricks @ wlange Empty the cache of your browser. I made a modification to the workshop so that the proper units are used. millimeters instead of meters.

@Masman Yes it works perfectly on CPU
6 Mar 2017, 18:30
Edited 6 Mar 2017, 18:31
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Ah, I see. Thanks!
6 Mar 2017, 18:36
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6 Mar 2017, 19:36
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Cool! Just bought it in the shop and will play with it as soon as possible. Thank you Scrubs
6 Mar 2017, 20:12
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Looking forward to see what you guys can do with it. I try to provide the technical stuff as much as I can and I let you the creative side
6 Mar 2017, 20:17
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Will we see an update of the hires minifigure with some of the advanced script features (updated materials, scratches, fingerprints, roughness)? I mean, it would be possible to deviate such version from what we have now, but I'm asking just out of curiosity.
6 Mar 2017, 20:27
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I was thinking about it actually. It shall not be much work and it will allow to remove the noise map to replace it by a procedural texture. I'll look into that in the next couple of weeks.
6 Mar 2017, 20:33
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Good news! looking forward to this.

Another question: what does 'Use of modifiers' in the features list actually mean? What's the benefit?
6 Mar 2017, 20:41
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Geometry is not altered. If you want to change the bevel size or segments number of a particular piece or anything else, you can. Among other benefits, it allows to do some testing and revert back to the original state easily.
6 Mar 2017, 21:08
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Thanks a lot. I could have found that out by myself, but with that answer this will likely be quite a bit easier, I think (if it should become necessary).
6 Mar 2017, 21:13
Edited 6 Mar 2017, 21:16
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You can try to play with the Clamp Overlap option of the bevel modifier. For most pieces, it is better with the option unticked. However as this can break the geometry of parts with little details, I have it activated by default.
6 Mar 2017, 21:21
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It will be great if you develop a plug-in what maybe allows to control the bevel width, switch between bevels and the OSL-shader and turn on/off textures.

Here's a short test feedback.

- more detail by textures
- real bevels visible at and through transparent objects
- real bevels can be rendered by CPU and GPU with the same result (mixed animation rendering on one machine possible)

- slower and more complex scene (did not stress test it with a complex model yet)
- slower rendering of 2.5 times here compare to the OSL-version without textures

My first impression: compared to the OSL-shader there's no visual benefit/difference if you look models at normal scale. It starts to make a difference at close-ups, hi-res renders at 4K or 8K and when you use transparent parts.

Overall this is a great next step for more LEGO Movie realism.
6 Mar 2017, 22:05
Edited 6 Mar 2017, 22:05
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