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I'm trying to render a model I have made, but I can't do it in the "Mecabricks to Blender Lite script" because it crashes my computer every time. So can someone give me the node setup for the stander LEGO brick and the setup for the transparent brick? - Thanks!
15 Feb 2017, 19:07
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Can you just open the blender file or does it crashes as soon as you open the file.
Which version of Blender do you have?
It is a bit complicated to just give the node set up and it also requires some extra scripts, values, etc.
15 Feb 2017, 19:57
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I have Blender 2.76, but my computer dose not met the base requirements, so it some times crashes my computer.
15 Feb 2017, 22:04
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The easiest would be to append the materials in your files. However, it is likely that it will crash during render time with the node setup.
15 Feb 2017, 22:11
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Well I got a render out of it here: http://mecabricks.com/en/models/r0DvYApev9e#DPWBpj But the colors are all wrong.
15 Feb 2017, 22:16
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I can only recommend to use my script or append the node from my file (for this last one it will mean more work for you though).
15 Feb 2017, 22:23
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Oh and I can't import it as a .dae file.
15 Feb 2017, 22:24
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I am not too sure from here, it is more a Blender issue than anything else.
15 Feb 2017, 22:26
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