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Hi! So I have a model I made in Mecabricks and exported to Blender, before running the script and exporting as an .fbx and importing into a scene in Unreal Engine 4. I'm trying to use it to capture some screenshots using some more complicated things such as water, clouds, the sunset, etc . . .

I have everything set up, except for the materials on the bricks. They're all the right color, but the materials need to be altered to make them look more like Lego Bricks. I'm not really sure where to even start. I had some modeling and coding experience from a long time ago, so this type of thing isn't entirely new, but I never got much into texturing. What's some good leads for getting the bricks to look more realistic? Anything would be appreciated. I can pull up some screenshots tomorrow if needed. I have everything else prepped except the materials.
12 Feb 2017, 02:57
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I don't know anything about UE4 so I might not be the right guy. I know that a user called Nachapon did some experiment however I did not see him around for a bit. See his rendering gallery. I think the top 3 pictures are from UE4. http://www.mecabricks.com/en/user/nachapon/renderings
12 Feb 2017, 11:09
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Well, this is the best I could get. Looks pretty cool and it was a fun little experiment.
1 Mar 2017, 02:36
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