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It would be wonderful if the Rotation function would allow a more granular range than 22.5 degree increments. Ideally, the use of the Shift button would enable free rotation along an axis in increments of 1 degree for the selected object or grouped objects. This way, the default behavior (which is perfect 90% of the time) will always be available but holding down shift would allow for micro adjustments.

The impetus behind this suggestion comes from my Millennium Falcon build. I'm having a hell of a time getting certain parts to line up.

EDIT: Title should say Free Rotate for Objects.
31 Mar 2015, 22:59
Edited 31 Mar 2015, 23:00
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You can change the grid size to get more accurate positioning or rotation (small, medium - default one - and large). The smaller one allow you to rotate by step of 0.5 degrees. Buttons are located in the top toolbar. You can also use the q key to toggle between them.
31 Mar 2015, 23:11
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WOW! I had no idea the grid buttons affected movement in that fashion. I can't believe I didn't think to play around with them... Thank you for setting me straight!
1 Apr 2015, 01:39
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No worries smiling face with open mouth
I didn't take the time to write a user manual so it's my fault too if all the functions are not really clear.
I'll probably do it one day...

I'm currently writing the undo/redo function that shall be pretty useful too!
1 Apr 2015, 02:16
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