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It would be wonderful if the Rotation function would allow a more granular range than 22.5 degree increments. Ideally, the use of the Shift button would enable free rotation along an axis in increments of 1 degree for the selected object or grouped objects. This way, the default behavior (which is perfect 90% of the time) will always be available but holding down shift would allow for micro adjustments.

The impetus behind this suggestion comes from my Millennium Falcon build. I'm having a hell of a time getting certain parts to line up.

EDIT: Title should say Free Rotate for Objects.
31 Mar 2015, 22:59
Edited 31 Mar 2015, 23:00
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You can change the grid size to get more accurate positioning or rotation (small, medium - default one - and large). The smaller one allow you to rotate by step of 0.5 degrees. Buttons are located in the top toolbar. You can also use the q key to toggle between them.
31 Mar 2015, 23:11
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WOW! I had no idea the grid buttons affected movement in that fashion. I can't believe I didn't think to play around with them... Thank you for setting me straight!
1 Apr 2015, 01:39
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No worries

I didn't take the time to write a user manual so it's my fault too if all the functions are not really clear.
I'll probably do it one day...

I'm currently writing the undo/redo function that shall be pretty useful too!
1 Apr 2015, 02:16
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No matter what grid size I choose rotation seems always to be 24 degrees.
I'm trying to make gear wheels flush.
16 Jan 2020, 13:46
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If you're having issues with the grid size (I never had, so I don't know what causes it) and setting it to small doesn't do anything, you can also use [R] + [X]/[Y]/[Z] + number value (depending on the desired axis, either local or global orientation) to rotate parts, or you can enter rotation values under "Transform" or "Move" set to Rotation for each part/group.
I'd personally recommend [R] though, for that allows for easier local rotation than the other two options.
22 Jan 2020, 14:00
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