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I will try to keep an index of the sets not modeled on Mecabricks yet but whose parts are all available in the workshop.
Feel free to pick them or add new ones to the list.

21301-1: Birds
27 Mar 2015, 21:54
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Sorry to note you that for the 21301-1: Birds set some parts are missing...


I added one by one all the sets already built in Mecabricks inside Rebrickable "MySets List" profile and with "What can I build?" function I can easily find which sets we can build or not.
Unfortunately, almost all the 500+ part sets are already built but with your effort adding parts (specially patterned and minifigs ones) this awesome Cad software will grow day by day!
I love Mecabricks!!
28 Mar 2015, 07:16
Edited 28 Mar 2015, 08:19
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