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Firstly thanks to Scrubs for this powerful tool, been fun playing with it
hoping to get better at it.

I followed the tutorial [http://www.mecabricks.com/en/forum/topic/72] here though I'm having a problem with my image turning out rather dark.


I can brighten it on Photoshop though that leads to graininess. Sorry if its a draft question, thanks. I'm rather new to blender.
10 Dec 2016, 00:00
Edited 10 Dec 2016, 00:01
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Hello and welcome.
I think that it comes from the environment map used to light the scene.
You can adjust the strength of the lighting:

PS. I took this image from Cynaptic post.
10 Dec 2016, 00:27
Edited 10 Dec 2016, 00:29
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Thanks man, I'll look into that. See what happens.
10 Dec 2016, 12:25
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Second one was brighter thanks. Looking at using Keyshot 5 to render too, as I'm more familiar with it. Will post the results of that too.
10 Dec 2016, 19:56
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