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How to fix a pivot point of a group? I mean, if I group some pieces that can move in the real set, for example, rotating around a connection, is it possible to fix the rotation forever in a specific pivot point? So, when I select again the group, the rotation axis are already selected in the correct point, instead of select over and over the right pivot point (especially in some complex set where the pivot point is difficult to reach). Thanks
12 Feb 2015, 19:27
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As a quick answer: no.
However, I also think that this is something that is missing - You also probably noticed that if you duplicate a group, the pivot point go back to the default one (origin of the first part in the group) which starts to irritate me.

Would it be acceptable that the default pivot point of a group would be defined by the last one selected?
12 Feb 2015, 19:50
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Yes Scrubs, if it would be the last one selected I think it's possible to avoid the problem selecting the group -> ungroup all the pieces -> select the correct pivot point -> create a new group.
Do you think can works in this way?
13 Feb 2015, 07:05
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