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I've got some issues with groups. It seemed that I have groups without parts.
for example I added the steering wheel with base and then deleted it. I added it again and now I have 2 groups.

Also I imported a group of parts from another file and now I still have the group with the filename which includes the group I only wanted. It seemed that this group is only linked to my main project and not imported - is that true?

Please have a look at my 70802 file which I like to set public - but first it has to be cleaned up from unwanted links and groups
1 Feb 2015, 14:32
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Sorry to answer a bit late.
Regarding the groups, there are a few things to know about them:

when a group is not locked (icon on the left hand side of the group name), it means that if you click on a part of this group in the scene, you will only select the one part. If the group is locked, you will select all the parts included in this group.

If you create a new group with parts belonging to another group, the parts will be removed from the old group to be put in the new one. It is probably how you ended up with empty groups.

For instance, you shall first lock the group of the steering wheel and only after create the parent group that will include it plus other parts.

When I build on mecabricks, I lock my groups as soon as I can to avoid bad surprises later.

Hope I did not make it more blurry than before
8 Feb 2015, 09:30
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It is not possible to open the "group tree" under a group when the group is locked. Could you make it possible? I think many users miss the possibility (like me) to see what is contained in a group when it is locked.
24 Jun 2015, 17:43
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The group system was quite complex to code and I had to do a few concessions.
The idea was that a locked group cannot be modified and therefore to avoid a long list of cases to handle I simply made them non-openable.
You can just click on the lock if you want to see the content and then re-lock it when you have finished... It just adds wo more click
24 Jun 2015, 20:38
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is it possible to name the groups?
3 Jul 2016, 03:33
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Hello. Yes, double click on the group name to open a popup.
3 Jul 2016, 03:48
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Have run into a few issues working with Groups in Chrome on Mac (haven't tried Safari yet):
- Is it possible to delete an empty Group?
- Should the groups display their contents?
7 Dec 2016, 16:47
Edited 7 Dec 2016, 16:53
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Yes, you can delete an empty group. Just click the group and press delete. And I don't think it's necessary to display the contents, because all you need to do is click the group and everything that belongs to it lights up. You then could drag it to the side if you want a better view of it.
7 Dec 2016, 17:55
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Thank you... I was trying to use the little minus in the group block before I realized those (the plus/minus) articulate parts in/out of the group. Quickly ramping up the Meca learning curve here.
7 Dec 2016, 18:55
Edited 7 Dec 2016, 22:13
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How do you put groups into groups? I've tried, but with no success.
21 Apr 2017, 15:43
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Select group(s) and press J to put in new group or click the option button of the new parent group and select "Add".
21 Apr 2017, 20:24
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how do i make a group
11 Jul 2019, 17:43
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@earland003, Select the parts you want to group and then press J key or click on the group icon in the left hand toolbar.
11 Jul 2019, 20:03
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How do I put pieces into a group I have made? Thanks in advance for the reply!
29 Jul 2019, 16:43
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Click on the gear wheel of the group, choose Add.
30 Jul 2019, 09:42
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Thanks! I figured it out.
30 Jul 2019, 11:22
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(sorry for bad english) how i can set a part parent ???
10 Nov 2019, 10:33
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and how i can make for example a weapon and a upper part move together ?
10 Nov 2019, 10:34
Edited 10 Nov 2019, 10:37
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i discovered it myself, ignore my quest
10 Nov 2019, 10:39
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