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ok guys is work actually getting done???
i need to now if this can get done before the end of the summer
11 Aug 2021, 17:29
Edited 11 Aug 2021, 17:30
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I’ve been working on a few things.
11 Aug 2021, 17:33
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Same, almost finished with some ships!!!
11 Aug 2021, 20:22
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iv been working on the beach and water
12 Aug 2021, 03:28
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should I use Inhert's U-wing or the set? I'll update both a bit, too.
12 Aug 2021, 21:20
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inhert's u wing looks better but use the set so it'll fit on the moc better (its smaller)
also, maybe we should save time and just use the at-at set instead of a custom smaller one
(btw i have given up all hope of making an actually good midi scale at st)
13 Aug 2021, 18:07
Edited 13 Aug 2021, 18:08
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I could try, but first I'll probably mod it a bit. We could have Inhert's U-wing very close to the front, if it's scale that matters.
13 Aug 2021, 19:23
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hey, jus checking in again on progress
i assume since school's gonna start soon some people may have to leave or work faster?
16 Aug 2021, 15:41
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I have been so busy non stop, I wont get into it too much but basically I was planning on doing a gap year but changed my mind a few months ago and have been doing 6 months of university paperwork in under 3
16 Aug 2021, 15:51
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oof, I'm almost done with the rebel ships. I'm considering making the shuttle, what do you think?
16 Aug 2021, 17:28
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18 Aug 2021, 00:58
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dude these ships are amazing!!!
12 Sep 2021, 16:46
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btw im gonna have take a short haitus from meca for a while, not sure when i'll be back, maybe jus a month or maybe a year idk...
12 Sep 2021, 16:47
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Okay, totally understood, and thank you SO much, it means a lot to me.
12 Sep 2021, 20:19
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Hello, I don't know if I could participate in your project and what I would have to build.
13 Sep 2021, 19:07
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ok guys im back to check in jus want some progress
@EEcastaneda u can make your copy of the scarriff moc and help us build the water (dosn't seem like much will happen soon tho.)

btw i may leave meca for much longer
13 Nov 2021, 23:46
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Is this still happening?
14 Nov 2021, 20:58
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Great idea indeed.
20 Nov 2021, 11:54
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