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Hi I wanna know if theres anyway that you guys can possibly add sticker sheets. So like in the different parts list you have a category called stickers and when a user opens that tab there it will show the id of sticker sheets from offical sets. Say for example I recently built Set 6382 the fire station from 1981 the sticker sheet for that sets id is 6382stk02. could we get something like that built into the workshop?
25 Jul 2021, 16:46
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Hi Mrmoon-

I know this question is two months old, but it deserves an answer. Hopefully you already figured this out, but you can type the set number into the search field and it should pull up all of the stickered parts in the library for that set. This is because each part has the set number in the name. You may run into issues with some sets like your chosen example, which is the worst luck of all. In this case, the set number 6382 is found in the part number for a Mini Upper, 76382... so the search found 1800+ Uppers in addition to any of your stickers. You can filter these out by changing the search to Set 6382. Unfortunately, this will correctly pull up nothing because the set has no stickers in MB. But maybe this can help you find the next set of stickered parts.
1 Oct 2021, 14:34
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