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I've been having an issue when rendering designs where I can't view previous renders in the 'project' section of the render. Every time I click on projects it's just blank, when usually it would have a list of my previously rendered builds which I can click on and download. But it's completely blank.
6 Feb 2021, 17:53
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Are you using credits or free renders? If the renders are free they are deleted after three days.
7 Feb 2021, 02:15
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I quickly checked and I also noticed the error. I believe it is just an API error. I will look into it tomorrow.
7 Feb 2021, 08:25
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So just I case, I restarted the web server and it looks like it has fixed everything. Sorted.
7 Feb 2021, 08:43
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On Monday, I had an issue where when I went into the workshop it showed only a black screen. Today it loads the workshop, but when I click on a piece to add, it doesn't appear. (Had a friend whose good with compuerts look into the problem and he said the web page is making too many connections and it's a problem on the other end.)
17 Feb 2021, 20:22
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