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I just put online this forum which is a custom version I coded the last couple of days. I was in a hurry to put it online as I thought that it would be a great tool to communicate with you guys in order to make mecabricks better. However there is still a bit of work to add a few nice features. The one I have in mind currently are:

- Automatic replacement of smilies code with little icons
- Possibility to embed mecabricks viewer inside the posts
- Possibility to embed images (flickr, ...) or videos (youtube, ...)
- A bit of BBCode to format the posts

Don't hesitate to let me know if you have other ideas.
12 Jul 2014, 13:15
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I have a few forum ideas.

- Subscription option, to be notified when there are updates or posts to your threads.
- Notification next to your name when someone replies to your post. It could hold links to each topic if there is more then one notification.
- Highlight the Category and Thread where new posts or reply activity is made.
- An option to PM other members(this is especially useful for sharing an email address with someone, so that its not broadcast to everyone).
28 Jul 2014, 19:07
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All noted in my to do list!
Man, you give me a lot of work to do for after my holidays
30 Jul 2014, 21:21
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Don't worry, I've been keeping notes, I have a list for the workshop I haven't posted yet. No worries though, enjoy your time!

I've enjoyed tinkering with the wonderful thing you've created here.

Also, I said I would help anyway I can, so there's that.
31 Jul 2014, 05:31
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I'm back from holidays and I started to add features to the forum.
So far, you can use a bit of BBcode, emoticons, embed images, youtube videos and mecabricks models.

I'll make a post to explain how to use all that.
2 Sep 2014, 10:31
Edited 2 Sep 2014, 11:45
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As one of your suggestions, I highlighted (bright blue lego icon) the categories and topics that haven't been read / where new replies have been posted.
It only works if the user is logged in to the website.
3 Sep 2014, 06:43
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wouldn't have been easier to just use some already available forum software? i'm just curious, developing a whole forum looks like a big job, and time removed from mecabricks workshop etc
20 Nov 2014, 13:35
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It was the first option but I never really liked the different ones I tested. It's always to complicated, too long to set up, too many options, etc. I just wanted something simple where I don't need to spend 5 hours when I want to update the code. This one has been written in 2 days and is fully integrated with the rest of the database and website.
20 Nov 2014, 19:15
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