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Did we decide on how we're gonna choose roles and how we're going to vote yet?
11 Mar 2016, 12:31
Edited 11 Mar 2016, 12:32
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We really need to get this settled. I was thinking about it last night, and I don't think we really need to vote. We only have five people so we should be able to come to an agreement without voting. Here's what I think we should do. Masman has posted the most projects on Lego ideas, So I think he should post the project and take care of communicating with Lego Ideas. Animating the project, if we do that, is more like advertising, which we all will be doing as much as we can, so it doesn't need to be decided on. We'll all work on the project, and we all will keep backup copies of our work in case... well glitches do happen. smiling face with open mouth We can get our Moms and Dads to share them on facebook, or any other social media their on, since we aren't on much at all. That's my thoughts on it. I might think of something else to add later. smiling face with open mouth
11 Mar 2016, 15:48
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Oh ya, one more thing. I also think that we shouldn't stop at one project, we should make one or two more after the first on is up. It will help the first on on its way and the projects will get better as we get used to working together. smiling face with open mouth
11 Mar 2016, 15:55
Edited 11 Mar 2016, 18:33
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I completely agree, Azog. I totally think Masman should be the one who should post it, write the description, etc. He probably has the most knowledge about that kind of stuff, and he obviously has experience.

And yes, we should get our parents to share on social media, I too don't have anything but a google account and google+.

So do we all agree on Masman?
11 Mar 2016, 16:19
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11 Mar 2016, 18:34
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Oh and for the project, how about we each get one suggestion and we do them all one by one?
11 Mar 2016, 18:38
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Thanks for nominating me guys! Just remember you all need to send an e-mail to support telling them that you're collaborating with me. Could you guys make a logo for yourself and put it up here on the forum so I can put it on the main picture? Try keeping it all one colour, preferably grey.
11 Mar 2016, 21:03
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Your welcome. smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes But remember guys, there is no need to rush about your logos. We won't need them till we have the project ready. smiling face with open mouth
11 Mar 2016, 21:14
Edited 11 Mar 2016, 21:14
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your welcome Masman! Just one question,
Do we need to Email them within a week of the project posting or when we start working on it?
11 Mar 2016, 21:20
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Masman has to tell them about it a week before he posts it, and we have to send them an Email a within a week after he posts it telling them that we Collaborated with him.
11 Mar 2016, 21:25
Edited 11 Mar 2016, 21:26
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No, I think it's after I post it. Same as all you.
11 Mar 2016, 21:29
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I Looked again and your right, We all have to Email at the same time. smiling face with open mouth my mistake.
11 Mar 2016, 21:58
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So now we can decide on a project. So far the ideas are: micro spaceships, a modular or park, Monopoly or Stratego, old west train station w. locomotive, passenger/freight car, and Rummy Cub
11 Mar 2016, 22:14
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I also suggested doing a Tiny Turbos project. http://brickset.com/sets/theme-Racers/subtheme-Tiny-Turbos
11 Mar 2016, 22:29
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No problem Masman!

Tiny Turbos would be really cool, but I am terrible at building cars. disappointed face

Also, about the logo, do you mean like a written version of our names, or a photo? face with stuck-out tongue
11 Mar 2016, 22:45
Edited 11 Mar 2016, 22:46
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Sorry Masman. smiling face with open mouth I didn't read to the end of that post. Tiny turbos would be likely to make it too, but like LegoBricker I have no experience building cars.
Usually you make a picture, preferably with an alpha background. Then you can just put the pictures in layers on top of each other. At least for the cover photo. smiling face with open mouth
11 Mar 2016, 23:22
Edited 12 Mar 2016, 15:51
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Very cool, congrats Masman, just catching up on all the posts face with stuck-out tongue

So to clarify, we all send an email to Ideas within a week of the projects posting? And with the logo, we exactly do you want us to do for the logo?

For ideas for a project, my first idea was a "dream house". A house where each of us would design a room(s) or part(s) of the house and then all added together would make the house. It doesn't have to be the typical house design either, however we can imagine it (I do like architecture, so I wouldn't mind designing the "blueprints" or something like that face with stuck-out tongue). The same could apply to a park or camp. Just my ideas. Also, l can't build cars to well, but I'm willing to try and experiment smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes May not look pretty or cool though... face with stuck-out tongue
11 Mar 2016, 23:29
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I'm sorry I'm not good at building cars. But Toolman and Azog make me feel a little bit better! face with stuck-out tongue

I like Toolman's idea about the house, he is good at architecture, and we could each build a room or two. Another idea which is good (I think) is to build a park, and we can all build certain parts of it. It might be too simple though! face with stuck-out tongue

Are we thinking to build something original or based off of something?
12 Mar 2016, 00:28
Edited 12 Mar 2016, 00:29
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I'm glad my inability serves a purpose. smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes
I agree too, a house would be a neat Idea. I also just remembered my Ideas that I mentioned on Lego Ideas: A shack were for boiling the sap, tapped tree, and a country store.
12 Mar 2016, 04:17
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That's a cool idea too Azog! winking face
12 Mar 2016, 16:08
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