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Azog The Defiler and Toolmanjr320, and some other people and I were thinking of doing a collaborative LEGO Ideas project together, so this is the topic for it. Don't worry, I asked Scrubs to make sure it was okay, and it's designed for us, but if you have a question about it, we could probably answer you.
8 Mar 2016, 21:46
Edited 8 Mar 2016, 21:48
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Thanks Masman for starting this and thanks Scrubs for letting us do it!

Who we are, we are a bunch of homeschooled (but I guess it doesn't have to be just homeschool only) people who love Lego and wanted to make something together.

We haven't thought of much yet on what to do, so any ideas are open. A few ideas we did have could be something from a book or movie, or something original altogether (which I think would be cool). Any idea(s) are open, we are just starting it and the more ideas the better!

EDIT: We are sorrow to say we have reached our limit of 5 people for the collab. Any more than 5 can get a bit confusing or hard to figure somethings out. So we are very sorrow if you wanted to join. I hope you understand. Maybe we might another time, but at the moment, we are not able to.
9 Mar 2016, 00:38
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Hi guys!
I'm very curious about what you can invent!

Just tell me if you need help
9 Mar 2016, 08:46
Edited 9 Mar 2016, 08:46
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Thanks for the offer zanna, We'll let you know.
9 Mar 2016, 14:02
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Just wondering, if we do a project together, who would submit it? There's also a e-mail that you have to send to support letting them know that it's a collab.
9 Mar 2016, 17:18
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9 Mar 2016, 17:32
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Here's what it says about collaborative projects:

"You may collaborate with other builders on your project as long as we get specific permission from everyone.

You are welcome to collaborate with others on LEGO Ideas projects, for example by having more than one builder, or dividing roles between builder and project promoter. You and your collaborators must register your collaborative project with us within one week of the project’s posting, or the project may be removed.

If you collaborate with other people on your project and it passes the LEGO Review, we will pay the entire amount to the project creator (account holder). The account holder will manage the team’s relationship with us and will be responsible for compensating each collaborator, including resolving any disputes that may arise.

To register your collaborative project, follow these instructions:

We need to make sure each builder gives written permission to have their work included in a collaborative project. To do so, please complete these steps within one week of starting any collaborative project:

Decide on your roles. Which team members will play what roles? Who will build, who will promote? Who will lead on decisions? Have a clear agreement amongst yourselves before getting started so everyone knows what is expected of themselves and others. The project owner has the final say on who is involved in the collaboration, as our agreement is with them.

Agree on the division of royalties. Our agreement per the Terms of Service is made only with the LEGO Ideas member that creates the project. Your team is responsible to agree amongst yourselves on credit and the division of royalties. We recommend you do this in writing before beginning your collaboration. We do not arbitrate conflicts between team members; you are responsible for working out any differences yourselves.

Have all team members set up a LEGO Ideas profile. Everyone needs to agree to the Terms of Service, Guidelines, and House Rules to be involved with a collaborative project.

Set up your collaborative project. You should clearly identify your LEGO Ideas project as collaborative in the description, and include the usernames of all confirmed team members.

Each team member must email us within one week. Each team member must email us at support.ideas@LEGO.com from the email address associated with their LEGO Ideas account with the following statement:

I, USERNAME, am collaborating with PROJECT OWNER on the following project (URL). I agree to allow my original work to be included in the project per the LEGO Ideas Terms of Service. I also understand that the LEGO Group’s agreement is with the primary project owner, and I am responsible for agreeing with that person regarding the division of royalties should the project be commercialized as a LEGO product.

That’s it! Once you have followed these steps, you can work together and include original models by multiple builders who give their consent to participate and collaborate. Please note that collaborative projects that do not complete these steps within one week may be subject to removal.

Project owners are responsible for notifying us of new collaborators or users who are no longer collaborating within one week of reflecting the change on the project. If a collaborator leaves a project, the project owner is no longer allowed to use the former collaborator’s work in any way associated with the project."
9 Mar 2016, 17:42
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Hi! Thank you for starting a forum! I'm certainly interested in joining if you want me.

Also, good question Masman. About who would submit it. Maybe we could anonymously vote for someone?

My idea is for each of us build something for a town, if we have enough people. Maybe a modular, or park, or whatever. Just an idea. And if we have enough people, we could have a complete town! I'm not sure if that idea will work though since you can't submit a whole town!

I suppose you were thinking just one project? I guess the whole idea of a collab project is for ONE project.
9 Mar 2016, 20:59
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No problem! How would we vote? I was talking to Azog The Defiler about doing a bunch of micro spaceships, and he suggested having them with a planet scene. What do you guys all think about that? I have a few good micro spaceship designs I could use for mine. A Tiny Turbos project would be cool too.
9 Mar 2016, 21:05
Edited 9 Mar 2016, 21:06
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Good luck guys for your project. If you really need a few parts that are not existing yet in the library, let me know I'll do by best to add them quickly - Don't post them in the "missing parts" thread as it will be lost in the huge amount of requests. Just post them here.
9 Mar 2016, 21:16
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Wow, thanks Scrubs! We're like VIPs!
9 Mar 2016, 21:34
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Yes Thanks! I think we'll have all the parts we need though, at least if we do something micro.

My idea is to make a game, something like Monopoly or Stratego.
9 Mar 2016, 22:20
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Thank you Scrubs!

And about voting...maybe someone could just vote for someone in a comment?
And those are good ideas as well Masman!

Please, anyone, if you have an idea share it!
9 Mar 2016, 22:21
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Great idea Azogthedefiler! Games are fun to build and practical.
9 Mar 2016, 22:23
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I have another idea, how about something from LoTR? Just not sure what exactly. Maybe you have an idea?
9 Mar 2016, 22:26
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About voting, Maybe we could give a scale of 1-10 on how well we think each person would do at each job?
9 Mar 2016, 22:27
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Oh and LoTR would be cool! But we'd have to be careful about what we pick from it as it has to be small.
9 Mar 2016, 22:29
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About writing the description, I think that the job of writing it should belong to the person who actually posts the project. They can post their ideas for the description here first, so that we can give ideas and suggestions for it.
I was also thinking, since there is five of us making this, we should really make a animation of it each of us can have are own logo to put at the beginning or the end of it. Masman and I could probably do that part.
9 Mar 2016, 23:34
Edited 9 Mar 2016, 23:37
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That's awesome Scrubs, thanks!
Good question, and great idea! I could also do part of the animating.
And about choosing parts, I think we should say what parts we actually want to do and then we can all vote on the people that want to do them.

Oh and we could build a old west train station with a locomotive, passenger car and/or a freight car.
Or if we make a board game we could make Rummy Cub. Just throwing some ideas around.
9 Mar 2016, 23:49
Edited 26 Aug 2016, 01:42
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I think that's a good idea Azogthedefiler!
10 Mar 2016, 00:25
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