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Hey, I've been trying to connect Technic pins to the holes of this part and have noticed that they cannot connect in Mecabricks.


Could you please look into this problem?
6 Aug 2020, 22:56
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It does, there is one point for both in the center.
6 Aug 2020, 23:13
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Well, the Technic pins don’t connect perfectly. Why don’t you add Snap Points to each side hole?
7 Aug 2020, 12:17
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It has been made to avoid having too many points for the same Operation. You just need to pull the pin 1 step (medium grid) on one side of the other. That said, this part could have two.
8 Aug 2020, 05:09
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Let me try that again.
8 Aug 2020, 11:37
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Alright, so it turns out that I've been doing the snapping thing all wrong at first! Thank you very much.
8 Aug 2020, 12:40
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