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First off, thank you so much for all your hard work on this application. I only found out about it just yesterday and I am beyond impressed with the level of functionality that you have crammed into it.

What I would like to know, however, is if there currently a way for the user to adjust the background color in the Workshop? If not, is this a feature that you plan to implement in the future?

Also, I know a handful of other people have requested white (or other light color) outlining on black pieces to increase visibility. Have you given any additional thought regarding this?

Again than you.
12 Feb 2016, 15:55
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There aren't any options to change the background colour currently. If you know a little bit about css, you shall be able to do it though.
Regarding the edge colour, I did not add any new feature yet. I will have to solve the issue arising with decorated parts. The day I decide to solve that it will be quite quick but it is not on the top of my to-do list currently.
14 Feb 2016, 21:51
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I don't usually mess with the css or source code, but I was able to find the correct value to change for the background.

Thanks again.
15 Feb 2016, 12:59
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21 Sep 2019, 02:57
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You don't need any hack now. Just change the colour in the viewport options.
21 Sep 2019, 09:07
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