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21 Jan 2020, 13:43
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I'm very new to 3D modelling but I got the hang of using Blender today. I imported a piece I need (for 5 different models that use it) from LDraw and it looks great; I exported as a .glb/.gltf but now I'm not sure what to do with it. Does it have to be submitted to an Admin to be added into Mecabricks or is there some way I can import it in just to use for myself for now? Thanks guys; I'm one-week-new to Mecabricks as well. Absolutely LOVING this so far.
20 Apr 2020, 08:04
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Hello NismoTyler. It is currently not possible to import custom meshes in mecabricks. Regarding New parts you can submit them using the email address in the footer of this page. However check is very strict and parts exported from other system like LDraw won't be accepted.
20 Apr 2020, 09:25
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Thanks for the response Scrubs! So if, in theory (and I really mean this) I create a mesh from scratch and it's the exact same dimensions as a part from LDraw (being that we're working with such a modular system here) will it still be considered for approval?
20 Apr 2020, 15:21
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Ldraw uses a some special unit system not always reflecting reality. Besides there are heaps of ways to model the same parts. So no, 3D models won't be the same for both systems. Besides mecabricks requires smart uv unwrapping, baked bevel textures, bump maps, mask, etc. Please continue this conversation in another thread if needed.
20 Apr 2020, 20:03
Edited 20 Apr 2020, 20:04
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When imported form LDD:
41741 imports 1 unit in the y direction to much.
17 Jun 2020, 13:38
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2780 is rotated 90 degrees when imported from LDD.
25 Jun 2020, 12:23
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