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My tablet doesnt support WebGL and i wondered if you could make a mobile website
7 Oct 2014, 13:21
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If I would adapt the workshop/viewer for mobile browsers, it would also be powered by WebGL - especially now that ios supports it too. Therefore, I don't think it would solve your issue

Besides, as of today, I don't plan to make a mobile app for android or ios, first because I don't have the skills and knowledge to do so and secondly because the original concept was to build a browser based app.
7 Oct 2014, 19:16
Edited 7 Oct 2014, 19:18
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On this same idea with a slight tweak, would you be able to build in a pop out function tool that would allow tablet users to move parts around? I was pretty excited that ios supports WebGL now, so I opened up a model to get my build fix. Unfortunately, if the part doesn't snap into the correct place, there's no way to rotate or move the part around. Everything else seems to work fine, like zooming, rotating the model, panning, and choosing tools or colors. I even tried to move parts by changing the x, y, and z values, but those numbers seem to be anchored on a certain point on the part without any deviation. Even if that was changed, you'd still only be able to snap to nodes and not translate the apart in 3D space.
15 Oct 2014, 03:50
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Yes, I shall be able to do something for that. If I remember what I did, I wrote the controls to be used by a touch device too but I disabled them as I didn't have the time to test them. I will look into that when I'll find the time.
16 Oct 2014, 09:40
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Have you ever thought about creating an official Mecabricks team?
16 Oct 2014, 21:35
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