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I am not sure this is the right place where put this question...

I am going crazy to find and to understand where is the PART PACK and what is the part pack I hvae to add in the Blender add on.

When I am in Blender using the RANDOMIZE from mecabricks add on it give me always a ERROR: "name math is not defined

I see i have to select the root for the part pack in the preference add on... but my question is... How can I get this part pack to be able to use the RANDOMIZE?

Blender version 2.82

Thank you very much
8 Mar 2020, 23:08
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This is only to be used with the Mecabricks minifig pack available on the shop. There may be more in the future.
It is completely different from the randomise function.
The latest version of the add-on hasn’t been tested with 2.82 so the error may come from a change of the Blender API.
9 Mar 2020, 09:43
Edited 9 Mar 2020, 09:44
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I don’t know if this is the right place but I have really long render times in blender cycles and some sets are so big my blender crashes does someone have a conclusion
1 May 2020, 09:13
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