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Hello .

I searched a landscape generator, to fill the background of a Mecabricks-blender scene and I found this script to generate cliff (or landscape, playing parameters)


the generated ldr file Imported in mecabricks :

Maybe it 'll be useful on Mecabricks

Do you you know others tools like this one ?


3 others soils (32x32 base plate) I made


May it'll be useful to have this kind of generator for the soil ?
It's very time consuming !

Some plants, trunks and elements , som inspire by lego world decoration

25 Feb 2020, 12:08
Edited 28 Feb 2020, 14:47
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maybe use lego worlds and import the terrain?
26 Feb 2020, 05:42
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Thanks for the program, I didn't know it
Unfortunately, as usual it only work on windows
Not in osx or linux
26 Feb 2020, 13:05
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On LEGO Worlds, I managed to export landscape in .lxfml format
But in general they re too heavy to be imported (35-40 mo for a part of a cliff)
lego designer, studio, or leocad can import it but with 70 000 pieces at least
It 's hours for trying cleaning 64x64 (I think) landscape, and I don't know if I will be able to Import it in Mecabricks

Mecabricks was incapable to import this kind of heavy file

The others objects (plants, flowers, trunks, animals) aren't in the .lxfml files and you had to re-create all of then

Smaller files. are imported well

Some plants, trunks and elements, some inspire by lego world decoration

27 Feb 2020, 16:44
Edited 28 Feb 2020, 14:47
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On blender i'll try this addon : https://www.blendermarket.com/products/bricker

You can transform 3d object into bricks.
6 Mar 2020, 11:12
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ya I have that addon
7 Mar 2020, 00:55
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its free on his github!
7 Mar 2020, 00:55
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It is free on github as all python code for Blender is. But remember that this guy is working his ass off to produce a great tool and therefore I would always encourage people to buy it, especially if you like and use it.
8 Mar 2020, 03:57
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I bought it this week

I'll try it as soon as possible (I had to render some blender render of a watermill project)
8 Mar 2020, 16:53
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10 Mar 2020, 20:33
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