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What I mean is, Like you can re-color a print on a Re-color body. Like for example, I tried making a custom Noir figure from Persona 5, and I wanted to use a Queenie Goldstein torso, but the fur, the scarf can't be in a different color, only just the other part of it. Another example is that I wanna color Leg, Face and arm printing as well, But they aren't colored.

Will that be possible?

I can't use Blender, Cause I don't wanna crash my computer.
19 Feb 2020, 01:22
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Only the base material(s) can be recoloured. For the rest, you can design your own custom prints or stickers.
19 Feb 2020, 02:41
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Darn. Sorry. But, Will there be an update so you can color the print?
19 Feb 2020, 17:35
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No, it doesn’t make sense technically and as a concept. Custom decorations are the way to go.
19 Feb 2020, 20:00
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You can recolour using the fill tool in an image editor. The results won't be perfect but it should work.
20 Feb 2020, 00:44
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I understand..
21 Feb 2020, 22:53
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