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Do the bump and metal maps not export anymore with the new studio setup? For instance the most recent model of the Lambo race car only puts out the color textures.
16 Feb 2020, 14:52
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Also, so that I dont have to create a new topic. Were UV's changed? For this model, none of the UV's align with the texture images that are exported.
17 Feb 2020, 05:28
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Materials of the new part system is node based and as such it cannot be fully exported to formats like OBJ or DAE. I try to export as much as I can but there are limitations. For example, OBJ doesn't support multiple uv layers so only the layer used by the colour map is exported. Meshes in the DAE files includes all layers but I could not find a way to specify which one is used.
Besides, there aren't anymore bump or metal maps as such. You can find the public section of the specification here

Only the Blender Advanced Add-on fully support all features.
17 Feb 2020, 06:13
Edited 17 Feb 2020, 06:13
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