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Hello to all,
I am president of a non-profit association with the aim of bringing young people closer to new technologies.
I have created (with the support of the town administration of the country) a laboratory where in addition to teaching (and I want to emphasize that the courses for the kids are free) 3D graphics (with blender) and cn Unity programming (I'm lucky because they have granted us edu licenses) we also have 3d printers, oculus rift, educational robotics, raspberry and arduino.

We have also created a format that to date has been included as a score in the robotics olympics competition for schools at national level.

It would be very interesting to be able to use and let the kids use MecaBriks.

I already imagine some scenarios.
  Initially use it, creating something, bring it on blender.
then from blnder to Unity ...
and maybe print the works with 3d printers ....
working well ... I could also think of a new educational format that could interest schools and evaluate (and in case always with your consent) the proposal in the competition (obviously there would be times of tests and trials before inserting it in the competition).

However, initially it would be nice to be able to use it and have it used by children.

Do you think there are particular limits that I should enforce for use?
Anyway, I always propose to the boys to take lessons on personal computers (I don't have any available at the lab) so I don't have under control what is done outside our laboratory.

I see great possibilities and interest in the educational sector.

What do you suggest me to do and in your opinion what are the limits that I have to consider.

Some info about our association.


Thank you all
10 Feb 2020, 09:50
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