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I've had this issue for awhile and now I've finally decided to report it, so here we go:

So, whenever I make a post, I click on it, sometimes to see a comment, other times to post a render. But anyway, it shows someone new viewed it, which is really just me, this gets really annoying, I only want to see other people that have viewed my post. So could you make it where a view is only shown when someone else clicks on it, and not when the creator clicks on it?

I hope you like this suggestion, if you have any suggestions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment. Bye!
9 Feb 2020, 23:27
Edited 9 Feb 2020, 23:28
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Views are a complicated topic for any platforms. People have different ways of defining what it is. Even on Mecabricks, there is a simple algorithm which is trying to define if a view is valid or not based on multiple parameters. Views are not just for you. There are also a metric that I use to tweak mecabricks.
9 Feb 2020, 23:43
Edited 9 Feb 2020, 23:44
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I understand, but if someone wants their post to be super popular they could LITERALLY view their post 100 times to make it look popular.
23 Feb 2020, 16:24
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Reloading 100 times the page in a row will not add 100 views. So yes you could possibly do that but it will take time and ingenuity for no much gain.
23 Feb 2020, 18:22
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