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sry scrubs, didn´t know that. Maybe I should have think about twice. Just want to help. I´m pretty in a same situation. Im a retouching artsit who steps into 3d and trying to understand the lego movie look and it´s a wonderfull and damn painstaking process. All that complex shaders and 3 millions buttons in blender. And yes, I´m also pretty sure the bricks are made in Photoshop. Would be the easiest way imo.

@ruslapunza just tweak the setup and you will get your desired results. The meshquality and surfacing is also very important. The smoother the surface the reflections looks better. Good Luck Patreon

have a great day, cheerz gt
10 Feb 2020, 09:38
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Hi gthreepwood1001,

Thank you again for your help you are very helpful and committed person, I am wondering how did you get that 1 x 1 plate model? It is really perfect. I tried to change the settings and moving the light source but the lighting looks like locked. Still I didnot achieve the LEGO logo top lighting at least a bit. Seems like the setting are locked for positioning. I tried many settings but the result did not change much. I hope one day I will achieve that result.
Thank you again!
11 Feb 2020, 20:47
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HI Ruslanpunza,

the 1x1 plate I got from the Mecabricks Workshop. For the lightning of the lego logo I would suggest to add a new light and set it to glossy and shadow only and positioning in an angle that only the logo receives the light. Maybe an area light above the lego type?

Good Luck and have a great day, cheerz gt
13 Feb 2020, 09:32
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Hi gthreepwood1001, Thank you for the reply. I also got it from the Mecabricks and exported zmbx format but I got this one: https://i.paste.pics/9ad262582e22e857446f7ab0e760514a.png
Can you please guide me on how did you achieve this one : https://i.paste.pics/a9deb240db55d32fc3b6478d804db68f.png ?
The model you got is really perfect! I want all my parts and models to be the same as yours due to quality build.

Thank you!
13 Feb 2020, 17:43
Edited 13 Feb 2020, 17:46
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Hi Ruslanpunza,

I added a subdivision modifier. Still don´t know why the lego logo is broken.

have a great day, cheerz gt
14 Feb 2020, 10:51
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Hi gthreepwood1001, Thank you for the reply. The logo is broken due to the realistic add-on blender addon it is stamp mark from the pressform.

Thank you again for all clarifications! I will start trying now very hard to get the same as required.
17 Feb 2020, 11:12
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No problem,

you will make it, I´m pretty sure. Good Luck and have a great week, cheerz gt
19 Feb 2020, 12:11
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