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Hi everyone,
I have been doing some research to print on Lego or 3rd party lego parts.
I did find some dealers offering all kinds of print and engravings. None of them got back to me yet about the actual printing technique and stencil of printable areas (in my case miniature figures).
I did find some older conversations about the topic but I guess something must have moved on. Also some Lego Stores now have printers to build custom figures.

What's your guys experience?

Also it would be good to have a European dealer, since I am located in Europe.

I also searched through Bricklink to get the parts and colors of figures I want without the decor but also had a hard time finding more then one part from the same dealer. This was just so I do have all my figures and accessories but without the decoration.
25 Jan 2020, 21:24
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Hello. I don't know much about the subject but I follow this guy on flickr who seems to produce lots of high quality printed elements including minifigures. I think he is Italian https://www.flickr.com/photos/patrick-mystylemylife
25 Jan 2020, 23:21
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Thanks Scrubs,
I also texted him, lets see what I will find out!
26 Jan 2020, 22:31
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I ordered something recently of MiniFigs.me
Very nice customer service, and they printed a tiny name on the torso part for me. Maybe contact them?
13 Feb 2020, 12:30
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yeah, they said to buy this:
And they rarely do someone else's design.. 35pounds.. is quiet heavy on the cost side..

Besides that I am still waiting for some replies.. some companies said they don't have time for so much details (replied to ask what their daily buisness is if it is making custom figures)... maybe just "a name" is their buisness .. I don't know..
13 Feb 2020, 18:26
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Yup, that's very steep!
13 Feb 2020, 18:48
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