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Hi, I have a question about the „new“ to Mecabricks available plugin:
Does MecaFace go well with MecaFig? cause the head it self is part of the body rig and the UV map also controlled via MecaFig...

Thanks Max
23 Jan 2020, 14:45
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Helo who created the mecafig was a tester for the mecaface. I believe that it works together. Do not hesitate to ask in the special Mecafig thread to be 100% sure.
23 Jan 2020, 18:48
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Thanks Scrubs,
thought the answer would be interesting to all of the community! But yes maybe wrong topic or since I didn't find a MecaFace one yet I just started one...
23 Jan 2020, 20:33
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I also have a question. Does Mecaface works with blender 2.8?
7 Feb 2020, 20:44
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yes it does.
21 Feb 2020, 02:05
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