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This thread is for help with the MecaFace add-on, such as info about updates. I will be answering any of your questions and also solve any bugs that you get and more.
23 Jan 2020, 00:04
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First release available!(https://www.mecabricks.com/en/shop/product/6)
Make sure to read the documentation to understand how to use it, and the rig!
Also if you have any questions, than please ask here! Or even if you find a bug, then please tell me here.

23 Jan 2020, 04:12
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Hi Citrine,

I actually have a question, does MecaFace and MecaFig go well together and interact well?

23 Jan 2020, 20:35
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Yes they work well together. Just make sure to re parent the armature yo the mecafigs head bone. As the flexible mode isn’t just objects moving.
23 Jan 2020, 21:40
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Hey! I just realized the eyebrows colour tab in the panel is missing, so for now you can manually make the brows selectable to change it. Ill fix this as soon as I can!
24 Jan 2020, 03:56
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Actually I have another question now that I got it and tried it..
If I have a MecaFig.. which part should I select before adding a face? I tried the head, I tried the rig..
In both cases I have to hit "finish" first, then I see a rig floating above the fig but no face on the head. (Render View)

24 Jan 2020, 09:24
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Hi Max,

That's normal. You need to setup the MecaFace before starting to use it:

Select the head of your MecaFig and hit the button to add a new MecaFace. The MecaFace should be above the head.
You need now to re-parent the MecaFace to the rig of the MecaFig. For this, select the MecaFig rig, enter in Pose Mode, enable the "Anchors" and select the bone "ANC_Head" at the top of the head. Quit the Pose Mode. Select again MecaFace, then the MecaFig Rig and hit "Ctrl + P" then choose the "Bone" option.
Then, you need to align and scale the MecaFace to fit on the head (because MecaFace is not only for LEGO heads but also for different other objects if you want). For this, select the MecaFace and rotate it to align it with the head (normally, 90° on the X axis) and move it to the head. Now, scale it to the size of the head. Once you're done, you can start to play with the rig.
24 Jan 2020, 16:01
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Yep, thanks for answering that for me. As I don’t have mecafig yet. Anyways in a future version I’ll add the option to click a button to easily add it to a mecafig character, but in the mean time you will have to do what helo said above. Don’t forget to read the documentation to understand what the buttons do, and more. Thanks!
24 Jan 2020, 16:06
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New version out, 1.0.1. The eyebrow colour section in the panel now shows! Go download the latest version now.
24 Jan 2020, 16:14
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hey all! In the latest version you can download, I forgot to unhide a armature layer. So when you add in a mecaface, make sure to go to the armature properties and shift select on the box beside the one that is already highlighted. That should solve the problem. The reason why im not putting out a update to fix that, is because its a minor thing. I am currently working on a new feature to mecaface, which I will show you all soon.
31 Jan 2020, 22:53
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hi citrine.............i bought the mecaface but am not able to put it on the models face.........can u please explain the instructions after downloading this rig???would be a big help....thank you.
1 Feb 2020, 05:40
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a tutorial video would be awesome man...................
thank you.............
1 Feb 2020, 05:41
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Hey! There is a documentation when you download it. I will be making a video soon.
1 Feb 2020, 05:48
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alright, here is a quick video I made to help you. Ignore all of the background noise haha
1 Feb 2020, 05:57
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Oh yeah, also dont forget to click the button 'finish' before adding in another mecaface rig!
1 Feb 2020, 05:59
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thank you so much man............
Im 13, and really looking forward to lego animation
1 Feb 2020, 06:31
Edited 1 Feb 2020, 06:32
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im planning to make a combined animation of minecraft and lego together in blender,and was really wishing for this rig to work...............again man thank you
1 Feb 2020, 06:32
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You're welcome! I'm looking forward to see what you make!
1 Feb 2020, 06:34
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Also just a reminder to all, i new version is going to come out either later today, or tomorrow! It adds the ability to easily add extra lines to the face.
1 Feb 2020, 06:35
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This rig looks amazing, was wondering if a different version could be made that would specifically help stop-motion animators like myself? A programme that lets you create, animate and possibly track LEGO style faces onto actual stop-motion footage would be incredibly useful. Perhaps incorporating rendering techniques so they blend well with the details of the minifigur?
2 Feb 2020, 19:01
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