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I'm doing a MOC Idea but I know I got the pieces that I need, But not the right color. I need a Velvet color that I can add to the MOC.
15 Dec 2019, 22:01
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Only materials/colours created by the LEGO Group are available in the workshop. Fabric materials are a complex topic and have not been fully implemented yet.
16 Dec 2019, 00:17
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I understand. Sorry.

Is Earth Blue the closest we get?
16 Dec 2019, 02:11
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Can you add tr. flour. red & cool silver?
4 Feb 2020, 11:47
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They are in the Workshop, in the transparent section and in the pearlescent section.
4 Feb 2020, 14:31
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Well, they're not there. Even if I click legacy, they don't appear.
14 Feb 2020, 11:47
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They are there:
Transparent section: Tr. Fluor. Red Orange 47
Cool Silver depends on your exact color. What is the LEGO name?
14 Feb 2020, 15:56
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Lego Digital Designer describes it as;
298- Cool silver, drum Icaq. There's also 197- Silver Flip/Flop that I need. The Cool Silver is speckled, but I need non speckled.
14 Feb 2020, 18:18
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298 Cool Silver is Silver Ink in the Metal section.
Silver Flip/Flop doesn't appear to be available in Mecabricks. You could use 131 Silver or 315 Silver Metallic.
14 Feb 2020, 21:09
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Here you'll find all colours used in Mecabricks with different names in LDD etc to compare.
15 Feb 2020, 07:21
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