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Hey again Scrubs, I was looking at your render settings. I wondered how you got those glows around the lights. Would you mind informing me on how to do that? If you are too busy, its no big deal. I have already bothered you so much...
Also, It is an honor for me to have you render my moc and then add it to the home page of your Website!
Thanks! (for like the 10th time
- TheLegoStudio
31 Oct 2019, 01:08
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I only did a bit of colour correction in photoshop but everything else has been done in Mecabricks. You can check all the values in the model I published.
31 Oct 2019, 03:53
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Oh ok. Thanks!
I also found out about the lamps. I could use those for the headlights.
31 Oct 2019, 10:49
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