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Bricklink recently released beta of Studio PartDesigner

24 Oct 2019, 17:35
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Yes, we know but it is probably not the right place to advertise it =)
24 Oct 2019, 18:31
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It's not an advertisement
more of a discussion starter. I wanted to know what are Mecabricks plan in this department and how it is better and/or different.
25 Oct 2019, 10:37
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I didn't use it yet. I'm looking forward to hear the feedback of anyone that already used it.
Can you create advanced and detailed parts?
25 Oct 2019, 15:40
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I wasn’t impressed, the new part manager is a lot better for handling decorations.
26 Oct 2019, 00:24
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It is not very impressive. As far as it's decorative abilities go, it can really only handle minifigures, so no weird pieces. As far as creating pieces go, it is also not very advanced. If you are trying to just create a piece that has a clip, hole, etc... though, it's just fine.
5 Nov 2019, 19:32
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