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Hi! When I render minifigures they come out blurry... is that normal?
23 Oct 2019, 14:39
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Is it only minifigs that appear blurry?
Do you use any depth of field settings in Mecabricks or Blender? These might be not ideal.
Maybe you could upload a sample image to imgur.com and post the link here.

Renderings usually need a bit of sharpening, see
Always judge sharpness at 100% zoom level.
24 Oct 2019, 00:46
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Thank you for your help! Yes, it's my minifigs that appear blurry/fuzzy. I don't use any settings except choosing the color of the floor and walls when I'm rendering because I'm a newbie to Mecabricks. I'll try sharpening them, thank you!
24 Oct 2019, 12:47
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