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Hi community,

I could need some help or advise about producing Lego Brickfilms and publishing them on youtube. Does someone of you creating films using the mecabricks tools and publishing them on youtube? What is legaly allowed and what's not? e.g. according to the lego legal rights you are not allowed to claim your videos as an official lego video and of course nor using the lego logo. As far as i know the single bricks are not protected by a copyright but the minifigure does. Does someone know how the lego groups deals with youtubers producing lego films with their products? Is it tolerated by lego if you respect the general lego philosphy in your films? You found a lot of lego/brickfilm movies in the youtube and i always wonder how the legal situations is, especially when using trademarks like Lego StarWars, LEgo Ghostbusters, Ninjago ect... And what about Mecabricks. Is it allowed to use the models e.g. the ghostbusters headquarter to use in filmmaking? Thank you very much for any help, advise i really appreciate it THX!!... cheerz
14 Oct 2019, 15:36
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This is all explained in the fair play policy https://www.lego.com/en-us/legal/notices-and-policies/fair-play/
To make it short as long as you don’t use the logo and that you don’t advertise it as something endorsed by the company there is no problem with your brick film.
As for Mecabricks, the model configurations belong to the creator except for offical LEGO sets which are the property of TLG. The 3D parts and textures assets are the property of Mecabricks.

So if you use mocs, you shall ask the creators first. Then Mecabricks allows for the use of the assets for non commercial projects.
14 Oct 2019, 20:40
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