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I was just wondering if the free rendering is losing money for mecabricks. I have noticed that my average render costs around $0.06 to mecabricks, and with all of the rendering that takes place on a daily basis, does it actually lose money for mecabricks. The reason I was wondering is because I am a huge fan of mecabricks, and I want them to stay around for a long time to come.
2 Oct 2019, 13:43
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The renderfarm is built and runs by Scrubs himself from his home. All hardware is paid by him and he pays his electric bill for the power it consumes. So all free renders are basicly paid by Scrubs. A good way to support him with this huge project is to become a Patreon, I am!
2 Oct 2019, 18:59
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@Jimmy_Bob Sealund summarized it pretty well. I bought and built the hardware myself, designed the rendering system and host everything at my place (on the contrary of the Mecabricks website which is hosted in a datacenter in France). So yes, I am the one paying the power bill at the end of the month as well as the spare parts whenever something dies. So every little help is always appreciated
3 Oct 2019, 01:53
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