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When I try and render my model it starts rendering normally, then it tells me there is an error. Is this just because rendering is offline, or is there something wrong with the render settings or render farm?
Edit: It works find when I turn background off, maybe it was a problem with the image I was using.
2 Oct 2019, 01:27
Edited 2 Oct 2019, 04:30
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The same thing happens to me and I am not even using a background, but I am using custom parts. Are custom parts allowed to be rendered?
Please help.
27 Jan 2020, 14:17
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Okay a minute later I got it to work, I removed a lamp, though I really wanted to keep that lamp...
27 Jan 2020, 14:34
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When i render my model the background gets rendered and the model doesn’t
14 May 2020, 11:32
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