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whenever I try to import it, it doesnt seem to work
1 Oct 2019, 05:53
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What are you trying to import? Are you importing from Mecabricks, or from LDD/LDraw?
1 Oct 2019, 15:38
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Im importing from Mecabricks
1 Oct 2019, 22:48
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Do you mean exporting? Which format do you choose? Some platforms may struggle with certain formats and options with big models. For example logo on studs + obj format is often not a good combination.
1 Oct 2019, 22:57
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No, I'm trying to import it from Mecabricks. Try to import the Corner Cafe yourself and see the results
3 Oct 2019, 06:32
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I understand now. Please next time, it would be worth giving more information about your finding otherwise it is complicated for me to investigate.
3 Oct 2019, 06:48
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okay, what? Literally in my first post, I said it doesn't seem to work. I would assume that someone would try it for themselves. Sim asked if I imported it, which I replied "yes". My screen would freeze when I tried importing it, what else am I supposed to say?
3 Oct 2019, 07:46
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