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Thanks for the welcome! I am seeing that I am having a problem importing my custom minifig, it is giving this exact error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:UsersibproAppDataRoamingBlender FoundationBlender2.80scriptsaddonsmecafigoperatorsmecafig.py", line 49, in execute
add_mecafig_from_file(self, context, filepath, i)
File "C:UsersibproAppDataRoamingBlender FoundationBlender2.80scriptsaddonsmecafigfunctionsmecafig.py", line 699, in add_mecafig_from_file
figs = extract_from_zmbx(self, context, filepath, file)
File "C:UsersibproAppDataRoamingBlender FoundationBlender2.80scriptsaddonsmecafigfunctionsmecafig.py", line 466, in extract_from_zmbx
dec_image = dec_images[dec['name']]
KeyError: 'joyce_shirt_1.png'

location: <unknown location>:-1

It is not loading the model at all, but it seems that this is a problem with the textures I created? What do you think?

I am curious, how does the export function work when it comes to textures? Are the textures packaged with the model in the export? Also, if the textures I used and uploaded do not have the same pixel amount (I made them higher res) will that mess things up do you think?
19 Feb 2020, 20:17
Edited 19 Feb 2020, 20:30
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Yeah, the problem comes from the custom textures. I did not yet fully implement the new .mbx format so the Importer in MecaFig cannot yet deal with custom textures.
Try without your custom textures. You'll can add it once your MiniFig imported in Blender.

Edit: Textures are encoded in the .mbx format. I don't think textures with higher resolution will mess things up. But it is only useful if you plan to make close-up shots.
19 Feb 2020, 20:49
Edited 19 Feb 2020, 20:58
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Hey, it's me again, haha! So I was hoping to use this in Unreal Engine 4 just for learning purposes, but It appears that exporting the animation does not work. I am getting weird duplicated meshes, only parts of animations are coming through, like just the arms but no legs, stuff like that. Do you have any experience with Unreal 4? I will be using this for things outside of Unreal, but it would have been a huge plus.

Edit: After looking around, did you do the rigging using lattice deformers rather than using weight painting? I am trying to understand what is is about the rig that doesn't work with Unreal to see if I can convert it somehow.
20 Feb 2020, 18:40
Edited 20 Feb 2020, 19:18
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Wow... Yeah, I already used UE4 but my knowledge is very limited. I think it could be possible to adapt the Rig for an export but it would involve a lot of changes.
If I remember well, UE4 only needs the bones used for the deformation and a Root bone. It means you need to disable the 'Deform' option in the Bone panel for all the other bones.
Yeah, I use Lattices & Mesh Deform. The Lattices allow me to quickly switch the meshes for some parts without having to make a new skinning. And Mesh Deform are for smooth the deformation on complex parts like Arms.
20 Feb 2020, 19:45
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Thanks for the reply.
20 Feb 2020, 20:24
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I just purchased mecafig and I can't seem to find the .zip file? What should I do?
3 Mar 2020, 14:39
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Hi raymaster928,

Go in your account and click on 'Purchases'. Then click on the 'Download' button for the MecaFig add-on.
3 Mar 2020, 14:52
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Also, After I install mecaface, the "mecaface" tab doesn't show up in the sidebar.
3 Mar 2020, 15:13
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Thank you so much for the mecafig fix
3 Mar 2020, 15:16
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Dear @Helo you explained early how to attach accesories like hair… Please could you give more details on it. I find the button Anchor and press on it but after...I'm loss. Could you help me.
13 Mar 2020, 18:07
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Hi TheDA04,

The button "Anchors" allows you to show/hide some specific bones (which look like "empties") on which you can parent your accessories:
> For parent your accessories, you need to first, in Object Mode, select your accessory then select the Armature of your MecaFig. Then, go in Pose Mode (by hitting "Ctrl + Tab" or by clicking on "Enter Pose Mode" in the MecaFig panel), and select the Anchor bone on which you want to parent your accessory (if you want, by example, parent on the Head, select the bone "ANC_Head") and, finally, hit "Ctrl + P > Bone". You accessory should now be parented to the MecaFig.

If you need to quickly move an accessory to an Anchor, you can use the Snap Tool of Blender:
> For this, select the armature of your MecaFig and go in Pose Mode. Select the Anchor where you want to place your accessory and hit "Ctrl + S > Cursor to Selected". Then, go back in Object Mode, select your accessory and hit "Ctrl + S > Selection to Cursor". Your accessory should now be placed on the Anchor. You'll probably need to rotate your accessory sometimes to orientate it in the right direction.

As requested by a user, I'll work on a tool to facilitate the integration of the accessories with MecaFig.

For the moment, I'm still working on the next release. The issue with the renderfarms is almost resolved. It works now fine for those who want to make simple poses. I still need to fix a last problem for those who want to render animated MecaFigs.
I'm also trying to improve the performances of the shader and I'm working on some new features for the Importer.

I'll probably make a video later when I'll have some news to show you.

14 Mar 2020, 08:03
Edited 14 Mar 2020, 08:07
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Many thanks, Helo for your help. My project are to do some animation for my daughter and scientifical tuto...I will share with the group.
Thank u for your future idea, a nice plugin..kinds
14 Mar 2020, 08:37
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You're welcome. Nice project ! Looking forward to see the result. If you need some help and/or have some requests, feel free to ask.
14 Mar 2020, 08:52
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Hi, MecaFig is a great tool I love it! Have a quick question - I think the gloss is a bit too high for what I am trying to create. I want it to look as realistic as possible to real lego so was wondering whether you know the ideal settings for that? Especially in terms of gloss.
27 Mar 2020, 14:30
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Hi danpet,

Thank you. Yeah... The settings I used for the specular channel are a bit to high. I also noticed that I forgot to set a Fresnel on it.

You can modify the specular channel by using the Custom Base of the Shader (try with a value around 0.5). However, if you use the Mecabricks Color Palette, it will reset the specular to its default value. You can also use the Wears settings by adding some grunge and scratches. It will alter the specular and will make it less shiny.

I already made some modifications to the Shader for the next release. I'll look deeper into its settings to make it as realistic as possible.

28 Mar 2020, 07:52
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Hi, I was wondering how you can 'break' joints, if that's possible? So that I can give extra rotation angles for arms in rigid mode.
9 Apr 2020, 09:26
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Hi danpet,

Yes, you can.

Use the 'Root' bones. These bones have a name with the prefix "RT_" (so, for the right arm, by example, the bone will be "RT_Arm.R"). You can make them available by clicking on the "Root" button in the "Armature" panel of the MecaFig add-on.
9 Apr 2020, 11:25
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Great thank you!
9 Apr 2020, 15:03
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Can anyone please help me, Ive worked out how to import figures by going to import from file and it does a great job of importing the figures from any scene, but the problem I have is it dosent import accessories. So lets say I import Batman, it does not import his mask and cape
19 Apr 2020, 11:09
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Hi steved_np3,

Yeah, accessories are not yet supported by the importer of the MecaFig add-on. It will be implemented soon.

The solution for your problem is to import the accessories with the mecabricks add-on (Lite or Advanced) and then link the accessories to the MecaFig. For link the accessories to the MecaFig, look at the answer I wrote to TheDA04 some posts above.
19 Apr 2020, 11:42
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