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Do you have to pay to export MecaBricks models to Blender? Also if you dont have to pay then how do you export it?
17 Sep 2019, 14:22
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Hello duh_brick_man,

No, you don't have to pay for export models in Blender. However, I recommend you to use an add-on for this. You can use the 'Blender Lite' add-on available in the Mecabricks Shop. It is free.
18 Sep 2019, 11:03
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ok thanks, but how do I export it to blender because every time I try it says I have to pay
18 Sep 2019, 12:09
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Ok. I think you are talking about the '3D Rendering' mode.
If you want to export a model, you just need to go in 'File > Export' and then choose the format you want, regarding the Blender version you use (difference between version is explained in the product page of the 'Blender Lite' add-on).
18 Sep 2019, 13:39
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thank you very much!
18 Sep 2019, 16:55
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Hi! Im trying to export Mecabricks model that contains 3-4 buildings and streets and I want to use it in Blender, but everytime I click to export I wait for so long and in the end the page says its not responding or returns me back to workshop. How to export it? Please help
19 Sep 2019, 07:55
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3-4 buildings and streets ?! How many parts did you use ? Not sure but that may be the problem. Your scene is too "heavy". Did you try to export it in several times ?
19 Sep 2019, 08:41
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Hi, the model is 15056 parts, i've been trying to export it for weeks, i really need to do this. I tried in chrome and edge browser to see if its gonna work but no success.
19 Sep 2019, 09:40
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Ok, strange. I just tried with a 20k parts model and everything is fine. Personally, I use Firefox but I don't think it makes a difference.
As I say in my previous message, did you try to export your scene in several times (export one building, then another... etc) ?
19 Sep 2019, 10:03
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So now i tried to export smaller model with 3500 parts. And it was successful. Then I tried to import it in Blender but first I installed the Blender lite add on and I cant install it on Blender... I tried importing the scene without the add on installed and its not looking right.
19 Sep 2019, 10:10
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Did you install the right version of the add-on ? Depending on your Blender version (2.79 or 2.80) you need to install the appropriate version (it is explained on the product page of the add-on).
That's normal. To sum up, the purpose of the add-on is to convert your Mecabricks scene in a Blender scene. That's why you need to use it.
19 Sep 2019, 10:33
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Just found the way to do it, I installed the add on and imported the model in Blender, but buildings are not looking as in Mecabricks and minifigs have no face expressions, and clothes are not as in Mecabricks, they are just simple colors, I dont know how to fix that and make it as it is in Mecabricks
19 Sep 2019, 10:42
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@bricksy Blender, 3D software and 3D in general requires to put some effort into i. There is a steep learning curve but it you spend the time it is very rewardable. Blender viewport includes two render engines Eevee and Cycles. One is a real time engine and the other one a ray tracing engine. By default the viewport doesn't display the textures. You shall really watch tutorials online about Blender to understand a minimum the software first.
19 Sep 2019, 11:12
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