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so you want me to include one of your builds in a render, or in an animation. Well here is some things that I like about certain builds:
1. Have a background/set. I LOVE SETS! I would love to use them in animations, or if you want me to render your creation, give it a background/set!
2. NO INTERSECTING PARTS. Because it makes the renders not looks as real!

3. Make bigger builds! This applies to number 1.

I cant wait to see your new builds! Till next time, Citrine out
17 Sep 2019, 00:56
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Just want to hop on here and say thank you for all the amazing renders you make here, you've definitely helped make Mecabricks a better community and you're an inspiration to the rest of us! Good luck on your renders!
20 Sep 2019, 04:21
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2 Nov 2019, 17:42
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