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I would like to see classic monsters and or creatures so far I had to :
Make a custom vampire
Make a custom female vampire
Make a custom frankenstein - not quite happy had to use a round dome thing for top of his head and now he looks very tall
Zombie - You'd think there was a complte zombie minifigure NOPE
Creature - I made a custom looking creature from black logoon but - NO LEGS odd there is a head and body but no legs that match the body.

I want headless horsemen, ghosts, wolfman and woman, all the creepy fun if possible

I'am doing the mash the MONSTER MASH it was a grave yard smash it caught on in a flash.
13 Sep 2019, 11:10
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4 Nov 2019, 17:34
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Please use this thread for all part requests, https://www.mecabricks.com/en/forum/topic/50
4 Nov 2019, 18:31
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