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Hello There.

I think I've spotted a pair of parts that seem a little bit offset from the grid/others. When I tried to align them to a 2434 Knob Stone, both the 3937 and the 3938 sit a little to the side...


Or maybe there is a way that I can nudge it a bit...?


I Guess the way it happens is every part is created in relation to the last selected, right?
In that case I think the offsetting of the parts is due to the fact I created them right after I selected a group . Does that make any sense?

The Goup is in the back of the image and the offset part is seen standing misaligned to another like it in the front.

This particular 3938 part behaves weird
8 Nov 2015, 14:13
Edited 8 Nov 2015, 14:40
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Yes, when you clone the selection/parts or add a new one from the library, it will create it at the location of the current selection (or at the origin if no selection).

Did you try to use the snap function? It is actually used to match 2 pivot points and make it easier to correctly align parts. It shall solve your issue I guess. Have a look at this video.

Let me know if I did not understand properly your question
8 Nov 2015, 19:22
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Aww man... Worked like a charm!!!

9 Nov 2015, 14:02
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No worries. Happy I could help you.
9 Nov 2015, 19:34
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wait.... who recorded this?
27 Oct 2020, 22:50
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Scrubs did, 5 years ago so the interface may be a little different...
28 Oct 2020, 13:41
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