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Again, if this option is hidden somewhere and I didn't see it - tell me. Since the "new" update of the workshop I can't find my way around the shading options anymore, so I'm sorry if I'm just too stupid to find it.

Toggling wireframe view to be able to see selected parts that are covered by other parts doesn't quite work for me anymore (it did work in the old workshop version, if I remember correctly); as soon as there is more than one layer of parts covering the selected part I want to see in wireframe view, the covered selected part becomes completely invisible for it's hidden by the wireframe of the covering parts while it would be extremely helpful to have it highlighted (what I expected the X-Ray checkbox to do to be honest).
I tried using the X-Ray option (which seems to wireframe parts without actually x-raying selected parts) and playing with the threshold value, but had no luck.

A seperate checkbox that would actually allow selected parts to be visible through all other parts in wireframe (kinda like Blender handles it) would be extremely helpful when it comes to selecting parts inside of models, to check their position/rotation etc. without having to hide a bunch of other parts.
27 Aug 2019, 20:01
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In wireframe mode, if you set the Edges options to wireframe / All Edges and the X-Ray value to 0.0, it is exactly the same result as the old viewport.
Regarding your other request, the short answer is that it is not easily possible to achieve. Materials are instanced for performance reasons. It would require a redesign which I cannot currently afford for just a nice to have feature.
27 Aug 2019, 20:16
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