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So i built my project and then went to the "3D rendering" feature. I rendered the project but it said it's price was sixty-two cents! My project is only around 100 pieces and i didn't add credits! so why would it cost money?
14 Aug 2019, 21:14
Edited 14 Aug 2019, 21:18
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The price is displayed in a light gray colour when you render for free. This is to help you understand how much it would cost if you were to render with credits. People find it useful to extrapolate and have a rough estimate of how much a higher resolution/sample image would cost. For renders actually made using credits, the price is displayed in white.
15 Aug 2019, 01:40
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Thank's. So that means it doesn't cost money?
15 Aug 2019, 01:51
Edited 15 Aug 2019, 01:52
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