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I was looking through the Python and I saw it had something to do with "listing.json" and a "meshes" object inside that. Although I got lost after that. I couldn't find any tutorials or anything in the community through some google searches. It is a real feature so I was hoping for some real information.

This would help with a project, thanks

-- Sorry if I'm in the wrong spot I don't use the forums much.
10 Aug 2019, 02:53
Edited 10 Aug 2019, 02:53
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This is currently an experimental undocumented feature, meaning that it can and will change without any warnings. There are lots of work currently being done on the part library in the background. Once it is completed, I planned to look into that with other Mecabricks users.
10 Aug 2019, 10:49
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Ok thank you
10 Aug 2019, 22:23
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