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I was wondering if there was anyone here who has a rig or knows how to rig Mecabricks minifigure models that would be usable for making fan videogames. I've seen a few forums on here from years ago talking about rigging minifigures, I was wondering if there were any current solutions out there now. I'm looking for something similar to how they move in the TTgames titles.

Inspired by the videogame cover featured with the Minifigures Series 19 Video Gamer, I figured I'd create a fan game featuring the Series 16 Cyborg battling Blacktron forces. I found that this site had a lot of great assets
Series 16 Cyborg:
Blacktron Astronaut:
Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut:

Minifigures that I haven't seen on here yet:
Series 3 Space Villain (I was hoping to use him as a boss):
Only his head print is available in the Mecabricks editor, I can't find his helmet, and I haven't gotten the claw to connect into the robot arm (In new here so I don't know if there's something special you need to do to get that to work).
Series 19 Blacktron Bounty Hunter:
Not created here yet.
8 Aug 2019, 19:56
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