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Hello. I'm going through a MOC of a sportscar. It's getting really difficult as the real car has a bowed tub chassis.
[ https://images2.imgbox.com/94/08/5Eo892Lg_o.jpg ]

I'd like to build it with beams on the sides and plates for the floor. Since I don't believe it's possible to replicate exactly the bow of the sill, I've divided the curve into sides. Then I've placed the plates in order to match with the side sill of the chassis, but the plates are misplaced with other elements of the chassis and I can't fix the floor to those parts. In addition, the front end of the chassis is quite narrow, probably depending on the fact that the front wheel is larger than reality and the suspension requires a lot of space.
[ https://images2.imgbox.com/e3/82/8wVgTvBB_o.jpg ]

Now I'm considering building the sills with bricks, especially because they should be thicker, but as I'm unexperienced in builds I really don't know if there's a better way to sort this out. The main goal is to keep the bowed shape of the chassis. Thank you
27 Jul 2019, 20:55
Edited 27 Jul 2019, 20:56
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