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Hello there.

I'm using Mecabricks as one way to create fixed flexed hoses as it's much easier to do this than in stud. However when I go to export things like ribbed hoses or the rigging part I get a "cannot read property "bump" of undefined" error.

This seems to be affecting tubes with no textures, spiral tube with flange works fine for instance as it appears to have a bump map.

Is there a chance this could get fixed?
23 Jul 2019, 12:40
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Thank you for reporting it. I will try to reproduce the issue. Does it happen as well when you export with other 3D formats?
23 Jul 2019, 19:43
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The other formats seem to export with no errors. I can open an .stl file and it looks intact. It seems I can export .dae file then convert that to an .OBJ as a bit of a workaround.
24 Jul 2019, 11:10
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Bug has been fixed.
30 Jul 2019, 04:44
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